Favorite moments of Ellen hosting the 86th Annual Academy Awards

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Get To Know Me Meme: Royalist Edition [5] Royal Facts: Queen Victoria & The Kensington System 

Queen Victoria was born to the Duke and Duchess of Kent, the only legitimate grandchild of King George III. After her fathers death, the deaths of others in succession to the throne, and the lack of legitimate children, Victoria became the heir. Her mother, Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, along with her husbands former equerry Sir John Conroy, were extremely ambitious and came to the conclusion that they could rule through Victoria via a Regency. To achieve this, they developed The Kensington System, which aimed to keep Victoria dependent on her mother, ill-educated of her future role, weak, and unable to accede to the British Throne alone, thus needing the help of her mother, and SirJohn Conory. 

The Kensington System enforced these strict rules: 

  1. The then Princess Victoria was not allowed any privacy, apart from when washing, changing, or relieving herself. She had tobe accompanied everywhere by her mother, her tutor, or her governess
  2. She was never allowed to walk up or down the stairs alone. She needed to be holding onto her mother, or governess’s arm. 
  3. She was not allowed to sleep in her own room, thus meaning she had to share a room with her mother. 
  4. She could only meet suitors her mother thought suitable, therefore most were from her mothers own house of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, which thus led to Victoria meeting her future husband, Prince Albert. No others were allowed to spend time with her. 
  5. Everything she did throughout the day was recorded in pen and ink.
They also insisted that Victoria sign a paper authorising a Regency of her mothers control. Even on the occasion when Victoria was ill, and confined to her bed, they continued to insist. However Victoria refused to sign the authorisation, and rebelled against the majority of the system.

On the day Victoria turned 18, her mothers plans of Regency fell apart and a month later, when King William IV died, Victoria became Queen.

Upon becoming Queen, she demanded to have her bed removed from her mothers room, and have an hour alone each day. It is also claimed that Victoria took joy in running up and down the stairs without anyone holding her hand. She subsequently banned Sir John Conroy from having any contact with her at all and banished him from her court. Lastly, Victoria stated that she would see who she liked, and would marry whomever she wanted.  Her relationship with her mother was never fully repaired, for her mother only ever saw Victoria for her crown. 

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The Cambridges’ tour of New Zealand

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Kate Swan gave the Duchess a book about wombats, she said: I will read this to George, he is obsessed with wombats at the moment
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the curve is strong with him

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"How’s that essay going?"


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Callin’ your mom back after 50 missed calls



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